Getting in shape is never easy, as it's hard to find routines that are easy to integrate into your day-to-day life.

In addition, very few people know that certain exercises can have a huge impact on your sexual health.

A before and after in your sex life

  • Routine easy to integrate into your daily life

    2 training sessions of 30 min (approx.) per week

  • Get in shape and improve your sex life

    With exercises specifically prepared for this purpose

  • Personalized App

    So you can train from anywhere and everywhere.



"The aim of this 12-week plan is to improve your fitness in every way, not only to make you feel and look better, but also to have a positive impact on your sex life as the exercises are specially designed for that.

Plus, it's set up so it's easy to fit into your week and you'll be able to follow it through, so there are no excuses. You will only train 2 days a week and the total training time is about 30 minutes, including activation exercises and stretching."

Sport is life and life in every sense, so also in the sexual sense. A training routine that contributes to your sexual wellbeing will have both a short and medium-term impact on the quality of your intimate relationships.

To do this you will work on exercises that will strengthen both your strength and endurance.

Perseverance and motivation are essential, as in any purpose we have in our lives. But don't worry, because it won't be difficult for you to integrate.

Are you passionate about sports? Then you'll find it even easier to add this routine to your current workouts.

Looking for an extra motivation to start doing sports? What better than to enjoy (and endure) more in bed.

From our customers

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    This app is a wonder for men looking to improve their intimate health through sports. The workouts are well-structured and easy to follow, even if you're a beginner! The exercises are intense but at the same time very effective. Highly recommended!

    Max Getry

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    If you're looking for an app to improve your intimate health through sports, this is the one you need! The virtual trainers are exceptional and always willing to answer your questions. The workouts are intense but at the same time effective. I love it!

    David Ortiz

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