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The scientifically proven methodology of MYHIXEL CONTROL enables men to regain control over climax, helping them treat premature ejaculation.

The effectiveness of this solution lies in the inseparable combination of the learning app of activities - MYHIXEL Play App program - with the unique stimulator device MYHIXEL II, which simulates a real situation. It is FDA listed as a medical device, CE marked as sanitary software, and endorsed by scientific studies.


Since 2015, researchers from the ISM (Murcia Sexological Institute) and the University of Elche in Spain have been developing innovative methodologies for climax control based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

They developed an 8-week program that educates men on how to gain progressive control by learning how their mind and body react during climax. After validating the approach in clinical trials, the course was replicated in an easy-to-follow app called MYHIXEL Play.
International sex therapists and urologists, in collaboration with universities and hospitals, have contributed to the development of our latest program, now featured in the MYHIXEL Play app.

With the program, you can learn to regulate both the physical and mental aspects involved in male climax.

What is included in the MYHIXEL Play app program?

Most innovative features of MYHIXEL Play App

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been applied to the app to customize your learning program, making it 100% adapted to your needs. The device features Bluetooth connectivity and is equipped with movement and speed sensors that capture your steps in real-time, enabling you to monitor your progress and measure your improvement over time.

Accurate tracking of your progress

Always with anonymized data!

Content and feedback from professionals:

The program features a space-themed structure that divides it into eight distinct planets, each with varying levels of difficulty. As you progress through this interstellar journey, new content is unlocked in our "Weekly Plan" section.

Weekly plan

Weekly plans for your daily life focused on improving your intimate health. You will have a new plan in each of the following categories every time you complete an activity.
  • Nutrition: Discover our 8 "super-ingredients" that promote intimate well-being, one for each week. Unlock three recipes designed by a nutritionist, each related to one of the ingredients, by earning stars for each planet.

  • Fitness: Specifically designed to complement the climax control activities for that week, our fitness regimen is categorized into three distinct areas:  

    - Muscle Building: Discover a range of at-home fitness exercises meticulously crafted by personal trainers to help you build strength and endurance.

    - Pelvic Floor: Exercises designed by our health experts to progressively strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance your intimate health.

    - Cardio: Elevate physical resistance with invigorating cardio workouts.

In addition, you will find mindfulness tips for your day-to-day life every week, as you go through the planets. These tips are designed to foster a profound connection between your body and mind, promoting holistic well-being. 


Our most innovative device, MYHIXEL II, has been designed to simulate the sensation of a real situation. Our scientifically proven approach to better climax control involves using MYHIXEL Play in combination with our device. This unique combination creates a more realistic and effective experience compared to manual stimulation.
Cutting-edge technology
Innovation and cutting-edge technology has been applied in its design and manufacturing. We've carefully listened to your feedback over these years to design our MYHIXEL II version of our iconic device.

Main Features

Take care of your intimate health with the most advanced and realistic MYHIXEL II device.

Technical Sheet

"Using the app and device, men gain control of their climax by learning how the body and mind react in a fun space-themed environment. Each level is easy to follow with instructional videos and explanations to coach you along.

MYHIXEL Play is the first app to use the Internet of Things to improve men's intimate health. The complete program consists of an 8-week therapy program - designed by intimate health professionals after years of research -  that has been gamified and integrated into this app. This program has now been updated with more information, feedback, and weekly plans with content on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, all targeted towards improving intimate health and ensuring a better user experience." Patricia López


CEO & Founder of MYHIXEL